Education Grants For Women

Grants are funds that are given to an individual and do not require a repayment. Education grants for women can be awarded based on financial need or to entice women to enter a certain field where women are scarce, like engineering. Women are considered a minority and are still subject to unfair discrimination even in today’s society.

Educational Grant Resources

In order to be considered for an education grant, women must fill out the FAFSA or Free Application for Federal Student Aid, using the online form. Women who show a strong financial need will more than likely be offered grant money. Grades also play a factor in who receives certain grants. Women can call their university’s financial aid department to see which grants are available for them. FastWeb is another grant resource site where women can search for grants that are tailored to their needs.

Education Grants for the Underprivileged Women

Women who are underprivileged are also eligible to receive financial assistance in the form of a grant. Single mothers and victims of abuse are considered for these grants, as well. Raise the Nation is an organization that offers an educational grant to single mothers. Priority is given to those with extreme financial hardships. However, to be eligible to receive this grant, applicants must have a written record of volunteer or community service experience.

Grants for Minority Women

Minority women also have many opportunities to receive a grant. Several minority groups set aside funds to aid minority women in their education. The American Association of University Women helps women who are returning to school, underprivileged women, minority women or women who are earning their first degree. Spelman College in Atlanta is one of the best places for African American women to go to school because they provide much needed financial assistance to women students.

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Education Grants for Women in Math and Science

Women seem to be scarce in the math and science field in today’s workforce. To encourage participation in these fields, numerous grants are available to women who pursue math and science degrees. The Association for Women in Science Scholarships and Fellows awards funds to women seeking degrees in natural sciences, geosciences and physics. Women studying mathematics or engineering can apply to the HORIZONS Foundation Scholarships Program for funding.

Federal Grants

Each year the federal government awards grant money to low-income students. The Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants are offered to students with the lowest Expected Family Contribution number as indicted by their FAFSA. In order to receive the FSEOG, women must also be eligible for a Pell Grant and attend a university which participates in the program.

Education grants for women can fund their college education when they otherwise would not be able to afford it. Grants are a better alternative to loans because they do not need to be paid back and do not accrue interest. Minority women and women who choose math and science careers will more opportunities for grant money.

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